What We Do

At the Alberta Water Exchange (“AWE”) we are dedicated to the most efficient and sustainable use of Alberta’s water resources. We provide a market for holders and users of water license capacity and assist in the development of sustainable potable water and wastewater infrastructure to support environmentally responsible ventures.

AWE maintains a close working relationship with our clients to ensure that their objectives are met. We provide full service, turnkey solutions to any water related inquiry. Our knowledge of the intricacies of water markets, laws and regulations provides our clients with an unparalleled ability to achieve the greatest value for their available water license capacity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to have a positive impact on water policy and practices.

Our goal is to make a real contribution to the most efficient and sustainable management practices of our natural water systems for the benefit of today’s population and generations to come.


With a genuine respect for our natural environment, we are committed to sustainable initiatives that minimize the impact on our surface and subsurface water resources as well as maximize their efficient uses. As water becomes of greater socio-economic concern, our objective is to make a positive and meaningful contribution to the creation of innovative water and wastewater solutions.

Our vision is to create a more sustainable and efficient system for the allocation of Alberta’s water resources.

The Alberta Water Exchange was built on a foundation of core values: IntegrityCommitment, and Environmental Sustainability. These are the pillars that keep us passionate about our work and focused on our goals. We endeavor to provide value to our clients while at the same time making an effective, efficient and sustainable use of our natural water resources in Alberta:

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Honesty and trust are the foundations of building successful partnerships. We meet our commitments and demonstrate ethical behavior in all our business practices. Our words align with our actions and our commitment is our bond. We reflect and expect both honesty and transparency in our dealings with all whom we associate.

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We are passionate about solving complex water related problems for our clients. We commit all of our resources from day one to create a mutually beneficial working relationship. Understanding your needs and adhering to your requests is a commitment we make to you. AWE is dedicated to creating value in the most socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

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Water is our most precious natural resource. The management and usage of our water resources is a growing concern across Canada. Increasing and diversified uses of our water is making the planning, management and governance of water resources essential for our collective future. Our purpose is to enhance the sustainable management, usage and allocation of our water resources throughout Alberta.

Our clients are our business, and our business is our passion. With over 20 years of combined experience in the Alberta water market, we have the knowledge and experience to address your water licensing and servicing needs.

Our ability to create value is derived from our knowledge, experience and the long standing professional relationships we have built with license holders and end use customers and our knowledge of Alberta Environment’s policies and requirements.

Our motto of “do it right the first time, every time” has helped us to become a highly regarded water transfer facilitation company. We pride ourselves on our proven track record of ensuring that licenses are brought into good standing, our ability to streamline the transfer process and to ensure that your water is used in building a sustainable future for Alberta.

At the Alberta Water Exchange we believe we have a water solution for you. If you are looking for assistance in any way with your water needs, whether you have water or are looking for it, please contact us and have us help you find a speedy resolution.

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AWE is a family owned and operated business passing on traits of hard work, respect and integrity from one generation to the next.  We understand the value of a committed partnership and pride ourselves on building a long-term relationship with our clients and customers. This philosophy is the foundation of our success and the service offering we provide our clients.
Every corporate culture is unique in how they view, communicate with, and respect their community.  At AWE, we believe in having a committed investment in the communities in which we operate.  We focus on addressing both the concerns of our clients and the environment.  We create innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of water usage and to minimize the resulting environmental impact.